Bolori have Strength 4, Stamina 2, Agility -1, Dexterity -1, and Intellect 1. They have the Powers of Protection 1 and Damage 4 (Strength-based), with the Reach 2 Extra. Defense modifiers are -1 Dodge, -1 Parry, and +3 Toughness. A Bolor enjoys +2 to its Intimidation rolls, and -2 to its Stealth rolls. Apart from the usual Zethren Complications, Bolori have vast appetites, and are easier to starve.
It costs 18 points to be a Bolor.

Dorawni have Stamina 1, Intellect 1, and Presence 1. They have the Advantage of Language 1 (Dorawn bellowing) and the Powers of Feature 1 (Dorawn bellowing), Mind-Reading 4 (with the Subtle 1 Extra and the Flaws of ‘Limited to Emotions’ and ‘Sense-Dependent’), and Senses 3 (Accurate and Acute Smell). A Dorawn’s three middle fingers are enclosed in a single sheath of flesh and skin, qualifying as a Complication.
Cost to be a Dorawn is 13 points.

Ghrallendi have Strength -1, Stamina 2, and Intellect 1. Their Powers are Damage 1 (Strength-based), Feature 1 (Iron Stomach), and Protection 1. They have a +1 to Dodge and Parry, and get +2 on their Stealth rolls, and -2 on Intimidation.
Cost to be a Ghrallend is 9 points.

Vashti have Agility 2, Fighting 2, and Intellect 2. They have the Advantage of Improved Initiative, and the Powers Damage 2 (Strength-based), Feature 1 (Insulating Feathers), and Senses 3 (Acute Smell, Night Vision, and Track).
It costs 19 points to play a Vasht.

Vinkotti have Strength 2 and Intellect 1. Their Powers are Damage 3 (Strength-based), with the Penetrating 2 Extra, and Protection 1.
Cost to play a Vinkott is 12 points.

All Zethren are compelled to obey Thrones and Principalities, with no resistance roll; they are also terrified of disembodied voices, though this may be resisted with Willpower. Both of these things count as Complications.


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