General Equipment List

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  • Box Camera (Smaller and more portable than the Victorian version, but still essentially the same) (1 pt.)
  • Compass (Points north! Essential to Valerian navigation) (1 pt.)
  • Field Glasses (Binoculars, providing Extended Vision) (1 pt.)
  • Grapnel and Rope (Climbing aid) (1 pt.)
  • Leather Armor (In any of a variety of cuts; provides 1 point of Protection) (1 pt.)
  • Lockpicks (Which you use for picking locks) (1 pt.)
  • Magnifying Glass (Provides xxx) (1 pt.)
  • Manacles (Heavy, iron handcuffs; special versions must be had for species of unusual size) (1 pt.)
  • Spyglass (Pocket Telescope; provided Senses: Extended Vision 1) (1 pt.)
  • Telescope (For viewing the heavens) (1 pt.)
  • Analytical Engine (A mechanical computer, potentially designed for any of a number of tasks) (1 pt. for an engine with a skill at 2 and no other features; other features, skills, etc. are bought as per a character, albeit with Equipment Points)
  • Anti-mentalism Hat (In a variety of styles, which need not cover the entire brainpan; provides 2-6 points of Will for resisting Mentalism alone) (1 pt. per 2 points of Will, hence 1-3 pts.)
  • Armor Cloak (Flexible, stylish, and soft to the touch, but nevertheless providing 1 point of Protection due to a special chemical treatment) (1 pt.)
  • Electric Lantern (Looks like a traditional box lantern, but has an electric bulb) (1 pt.)
  • Multiple Knife (A sort of Swiss Army knife) (1 pt.)
  • Multiple-range Goggles (Goggles with switchable lenses attached, providing Senses: Extended Vision and xxxx) (2 pts.)
  • Universal Toolkit (Sort of an enlarged Swiss Army knife) (1 pt.)

General Equipment List

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